Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boring holiday.

Once I checked my the calendar, I found out that there will be a two weeks holiday in June. I was very happy and excited to be back at Ipoh. After 6 days back from KL, I started to feel very boring. 

All I can do is to play M.A.T.(shooting online game). I also feel very lazy to study. As a result, I only study one hour per day. I really feel I have wasted a lot of time in Facebook and M.A.T. However, there still got more than one week time to study. :) 

There also something for me to cheer that is I am going to meet my schoolmate next week. We are going to go cinema to watch The Prince Of Persia and hopefully, able to watch Toy Story 3

For my college life, I will update my blog within this month.